Affiliate Marketing Case Study About ConvertKit In 2021

 In this section, I will share a contextual analysis to show you what successful subsidiary advertising resembles “on the ground.” 

This contextual investigation depends on an item I’ve suggested for quite a while that is additionally gotten probably the greatest driver of associate pay. From 2015 to 2017, it acquired an astounding $315,000 in offshoot income. 

ConvertKit is an illustration of an item I advance as a component of a drawn out methodology. It’s an extraordinary illustration of a member asset I elevate to my crowd that can profit and serve them over the long haul and ideally I procure a sound offshoot pay simultaneously. 

Despite the fact that I love and use ConvertKit myself (and the organizer, Nathan Barry, is an old buddy of mine), the purpose of this part isn’t to advance the item. All things being equal, I’m here to show you how I’ve advanced ConvertKit. 

What’s more, I’ve done as such in an unmistakable way: by D-O-I-N-G. This technique has assisted me with being effective in advancing ConvertKit as a member. Those letters represent: 

Demo the item 

Offer solutions to your crowd about the item 

Meeting the organizer of the item 

Never suggest more than one of a similar sort of item 

Get the item before your kin 

Before we dive into the subtleties of the D-O-I-N-G approach, here’s a little foundation on how I began advancing ConvertKit as a partner. ConvertKit wasn’t my first email specialist co-op. My initial one, back in 2010, was AWeber. AWeber was extraordinary as a section level email apparatus, and I likewise advanced it as a subsidiary, making up to $2,000 per month at a certain point. Also, that pay actually comes in every month, since I get paid a common commission for consistently an individual I allude remains on, despite the fact that I’m not effectively advancing the item any longer. 

Ultimately, however, I required an email administration that was simpler to use with further developed highlights. For some time, I went to another device called InfusionSoft, which was acceptable, yet not actually what I required. Soon after I began utilizing InfusionSoft, a companion of mine, Nathan Barry, contacted me to ask how I was doing with the new apparatus. Nathan had as of late began another email specialist organization, ConvertKit. 

We met for espresso in midtown San a little while later. Subsequent to getting up to speed about close to home stuff, the discussion went to business. Nathan asked me a ton of inquiries about my requirements, encounters, and wants as a blogger, podcaster, and computerized advertiser. He didn’t make a decent attempt to plug his new apparatus, besides close to the furthest limit of our discussion when he said, “Hello, if Infusionsoft doesn’t turn out for you, let me know, and we can perceive how you could possibly utilize ConvertKit.” 

I didn’t have a favorable opinion of his proposal for a brief period. 

However, over the long haul, I began developing increasingly more baffled with Infusionsoft. So I came to pull out to Nathan to perceive how ConvertKit was doing. I wasn’t amazed to hear that they were encountering steady development a seemingly endless amount of time after month. New highlights were being added consistently, and two or three side discussions with different clients, I was glad to hear very sure surveys. 

That is the point at which I requested that Nathan demo the current programming for me over Skype—and I was overwhelmed. I cherished the natural UI, alongside the apparatus’ division and robotization capacities. 

Seeing what the apparatus could do, it wasn’t well before I chose to change from InfusionSoft, and Nathan’s group even assisted me with moving my email list. I’ve been utilizing ConvertKit joyfully from that point onward. 

That positive experience has appeared as far as my associate income from ConvertKit as well. Despite the fact that I was content with my AWeber partner pay, since moving to ConvertKit, I’ve broken into another degree of member pay and achievement. Some portion of that is on the grounds that ConvertKit is an astonishing device—however a ton of it has to do with how I stepped up my limited time endeavors with the D-O-I-N-G approach. 

We should become familiar with about it now! 

Delving Into the D-O-I-N-G Approach to Affiliate Marketing 

How about we start toward the start, with the initial segment, D, which represents demo. 


Offshoot advertising is in fact simple to do. You should simply get your partner connection and begin offering it to your crowd. It’s not difficult to stop there and figure you’ve done what’s needed. 

Yet, on the off chance that you’ve been with us since the start of this arrangement, you realize that a critical practice in offshoot showcasing is to take items that are not your own and treat them as though they were your own. On the off chance that you were selling your own item, you’d show individuals what they planned to get before they got it, correct? In any case, the vast majority who do subsidiary showcasing simply share a connection several sentences and call it great. 

All things being equal, as we discussed already in Chapter 1, you need to show the item in real life. That is the place where the demo comes in. Individuals are bound to purchase when they understand what they’re getting and precisely how it will help them. 

The most ideal approach to do this is with a video demo that shows individuals two principle things: 1) how they can profit by the device and 2) how to utilize it. 

In 2015, I made a YouTube demo of ConvertKit. In the video, I talk about the advantages and highlights that made me experience passionate feelings for ConvertKit: usability and arrangement, delightful plan, amazing measurable investigation, division and labeling, and much more. En route, I show screen captures of ConvertKit in real life, so watchers can see precisely how to get various things done utilizing the instrument. 

Inspired by ConvertKit? Here’s a demo to assist you with beginning and utilize this incredible email advertising device. 

At the point when you search “ConvertKit demo” or “ConvertKit instructional exercise” on Youtube or Google, my demo is normally one of the top outcomes. It’s been seen almost multiple times as of July 2018, and it’s driven a huge load of traffic both back to my site and through the associate connection referenced in the video depiction. 

Email with connection to ConvertKit item demo 

At the point when you’re contemplating making your own demos, you need to show not simply the highlights and advantages of the device, yet in addition make it fun and show your character. In the ConvertKit demo video, in spite of the fact that you don’t will see quite a bit of me (it’s simply my voice with a Screenflow video), I’m simply acting naturally. I might have made a firm, mechanical demo that was about passing on the important data—and it would have been more limited as well—however who needs to endure that? All things considered, I’m loose and imparting my legitimate insights, utilizing words like “cool” and “incredible” (and indeed, “decent”!) to pass on my fervor about ConvertKit’s capacities, in the expectations that energy will be shared by my crowd as well. 

You need to make an insightful demo that shows you care about making useful substance while additionally keeping your crowd connected with and eager to attempt the apparatus. What’s more, obviously, settle on sure you incorporate decisions to activity (CTAs) to experience your member interface, just as uncovering your offshoot relationship with the organization. 

You would prefer not to besiege your crowd with these CTAs, however, and on the off chance that you’ve given sufficient important, drawing in substance in the demo, you shouldn’t need to incorporate mutiple or two CTAs. In my ConvertKit demo video, I just notice my member connection and status twice momentarily, at the end: 

“Feel free to look at it: What’s more, I anticipate perceiving how you can utilize it. Like I said, ConvertKit’s coming out with a great deal of other stuff later on as well, to make our lives significantly simpler. Ideally this is useful. Good wishes. I appreciate you. That associate connection once again, which I do get a commission from in the event that you do experience that interface, is Much thanks to you so much, and I’ll see you in the following video.” [Full Disclosure: I’m a repaid counselor and associate for ConvertKit.] 

In different sorts of substance, for example, blog entries, I may share my partner interface somewhat more frequently, for example toward the start, center, and end of a post. Be that as it may, in one or the other occurrence—regardless of whether a video demo or a blog entry—the actual substance does the “hard work” of starting somebody’s advantage in evaluating the item, so I don’t need to hit my crowd over the head with my member interface. 


The subsequent stage is to offer solutions to individuals’ inquiries. This is enormous, since, in such a case that an individual asks you an inquiry about an item, they’re probably effectively keen on it. They may simply be vacillating, and on the off chance that you can be the one to address their inquiries, that may give them the last piece of the riddle to feel free to make a buy, knowing there’s somebody there to give item uphold on the off chance that they need it. 

That is the reason I generally offer help for ConvertKit and the other associate items I advance. At the point when addresses come in, I’m snappy to answer them since I need to cause individuals to feel good with burning through cash on this thing I’m advancing. 

The blend of the demo and offering answers is amazing. In the event that you set up an exhaustive and accommodating demo, you’ll probably answer many individuals inquiries in the actual demo. Yet, regardless of whether your demo considers every contingency you can consider, you should in any case offer to respond to individuals’ inquiries. Why? Regardless of whether they don’t have any, recently the way that you’re offering this help will cause individuals to feel more good and slanted to purchase the item through your connection. Keep in mind, you need individuals to believe you and have a sense of safety in their venture. 

Need an illustration of how you could offer help along these lines? This is what I say at the finish of the ConvertKit demo video I referenced in the past area: 

“I’m here to respond to your inquiries as well. In case you’re watching this on YouTube, pose your inquiry underneath; I’ll give a valiant effort to respond to it. In case you’re watching this on the SPI blog, proceed an

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